La descente des fous

Walking trail, Mountain bike

By organizing a shuttle, this itinerary allows you to envisage a beautiful crossing between the mountain and the ocean. Departure on the rocks of the Ibardin pass and arrival with crampons in the sand of Hendaye beach. A unique experience, the opportunity to verify the motto: "here, the Pyrenees are Atlantic". In its mountainous part, the route is nevertheless demanding, both on the two successive climbs to Mandale, then to Xoldokogaina (which challenges you to stay on the bike), as well as on the very technical descent to Xoldo with its slippery rocks. This beautiful crossing will therefore delight regular riders and fine mountain trail riders. In the second part, there are still a few tarmac walls to climb before considering a panoramic descent to Hendaye. Narrow streets and passages will take you to the edge of the bay of Chingoudy...


Practical information

  • Start : URRUGNE
  • Positive elevation : +550m Descent : -880m
  • Marking : Yellow
  • Equipements et services : Power Point (supermarket, restaurants)
  • Distance15.1km
  • Mobilityby bike
  • Duration4h
  • DifficultyDifficult

Itinerary details

Ibilbidearen xehetasunak

Arrival point